Retailers and the e-com solutions

  1. Hope and the lure of the new: They are already facing challenges in business growth, so trying a new age tool cannot hurt more
  2. Competition: Their next door retailer has been boasting about the efficiency of operations (for one, managing their working capital) through the said app so it is only obvious to give it a try before its too late and every one else is ahead in the game
  3. Network effects: The wholesalers they are buying goods from is already sold out on using the new technology, so its apparent for the retailer to follow the cues and adopt the application sooner than later
  4. Brand value: The app has been promoting a lot about its user friendly features and has created a brand value to reckon with. It is the talking point during the smoke break discussions and not able to participate in the know-how will be unacceptable.




finding the obvious in the unobvious

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Surabhi Jain

Surabhi Jain

finding the obvious in the unobvious

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